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You can make your own carbonation machine by buying parts and building it at home. These parts are readily available at home brew stores that cater to those home beer brewing folks. The numbers of these people and the stores that serve them are growing at an unbelievable rate, so there is no problem getting the parts you will need.

It is best to get the pipes and pipe fittings you need from the same place to make sure that everything fits together perfectly. It can be very frustrating to be well underway and find out that one of your fittings will not work. You need to have cold water for carbonating to work, so if you are building your own machine, plan to keep some water in the refrigerator to carbonate on demand. Once you have carbonated the water, shake it – shake it hard, not long. The best way to get great seltzer is by vigorous shaking.

There are several websites that will come up if you search for instructions on building a carbonation machine. The items that you will need to put the machine together are: a tank, a regulator, fittings, hose and a method of connecting the hose to the bottle. You can even get the tank and regulator from online auction sites for very little cost. A tap system can be bought at any home brewing supplies store. Once you have assembled all of the parts, you will need to have the tank filled with CO2 – this is the key to making the carbonated water.

Once you have the carbonation machine assembled, you will want to test it out. You probably will be itching to get your first taste of the carbonated water, First start with good water – all home brewers already know how important this step can be, if you have poor water quality in your home, the carbonated water will not be very good. It can only end up tasting great if you start out with great ingredients. There is nothing you can do to change any of the ingredients but the water, so start with good bottled water if your household water is not very good. If you don’t want to buy the small bottles of water, you can buy good water in gallon containers or even get a water cooler that handles a five gallon water bottle that you can fill from many machines in local grocery stores.
   Make delicious breakfasts with large waffle blocks. To breed your cultures, use a yogurt incubator.